Klip is a short-form video storytelling platform that is changing the way people connect. Ask good questions, get great answers!

How does Klip work?

Klip helps you ask questions that you would love people to answer. Your questions will help shape the stories people tell and the App makes it so easy, they simply record answers on their phones. All you have to do is send a link and wait for those short, authentic videos to roll on in.


There are questions to get you started, or you can write your own.


Send a link or QR code to the people you want to hear from


Easily capture video responses from your phone, tablet or desktop


Share with friends, family and discover the joy of video storytelling

WHY Klip?

Imagine a space where authentic storytelling, the thrill of short-form video, and true human connection come to life. That’s Klip! We’re all about harnessing the timeless art of storytelling, giving it a modern twist, and keeping the human touch alive in an age of AI.

We know it’s a fast-paced world out there – everyone’s trying to catch up, both as a content consumer and a creator. Amidst the chaos, a heartfelt human story can be a breath of fresh air, guiding you on an unforgettable journey of connection.

Our Solution?

A fun and easy-to-use video storytelling platform where you, your friends, family, sports clubs, community groups, and even large corporations can come together to share unique stories. Powered by meaningful questions, Klip aids you in creating content that is as real as it gets.

Kickstart your Klip journey with a question you’re itching to know the answer to. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to form a group, pick a set of questions, or come up with your own. Then you simply send a link to people via any comms and then record their answers in a web browser on any device.

Launch Klip, and watch short-form video storytelling expand your world!


Connect with family and friends in meaningful ways by asking the questions that matter. Get ready for loads of joy, tears, and laughter!


Klip is here to change the way you connect with your customer, team, partners and stakeholders through authentic short-form video content.


An easy to use dashboard that makes getting started simple and the whole experience a bucket load of fun

The questions we have crafted are just a starting point, you have complete control to ask exactly what you want to know

Invite people to record klips by sending them a link via email, sms, socials or any which way you like.

Participants record answers on their phone in a few easy steps. View them in your dashboard and decide - download, share, save? Or all three!


Their dream is to create a movement that values the power of storytelling, meaningful connections and quality content.

Tess Brouwer

Founder | CVO

Tess is a senior marketing executive having worked for over 15 years for brands such as Coca Cola, Virgin, Virgin Australia and Clemenger. She has run Australia’s largest sponsorship portfolios and led award winning and commercially successful marketing campaigns.
Tess credits herself on building long lasting, trustful relationships.

Chris Brouwer

Founder | CEO

Chris is a seasoned Director and Creative with over 25 years experience in agencies providing digital, media and creative services to clients like Makita, CNH Industrial and AISA. Chris is a visionary leader with strengths in building dynamic teams that thrive in a creative environment and is now full-time building the Klip team, community and platform.

Chris Adams


Chris’s career has included his working with and for some of the best-known companies in the world including: Facebook, Participant Media, Amazon, Comcast, Lycos.com and others. Since moving to Australia in 2009, he has worked with such corporates as: Seven West Media, National Storage, Suncorp, Sensis, Found Digital and others.

Layne Beachley AO

Founding Investor/Advisor

Layne is regarded as the most successful female surfer in history. Her dedication to success sees her as the only surfer, male or female, to claim six consecutive world titles between 1998 and 2003. Layne went on to win a 7th world title in 2006 before retiring from the World Tour in 2008.